Small Business Tips to Buy SEO Services 2016

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing amount of traffic to your website by gaining higher ranks in the search engines. SEO is one of the most important factors to succeed for not only for the big business but also for the small business which has an online presence.

To increase ranking in the search engines, SEO is a must thing to do. However, it is true to the fact that SEO is not a straightforward task and is indeed very time-consuming. It is not possible for most of the small businesses to afford the time and resources they need for the optimization of their website.

That’s why the small businesses decide to take the assistance of SEO professionals. But there are things that are needed to be concerned about when hiring such professionals to do this task. Let us come to the fact that small businesses need to be smart when it comes to hiring SEO services and they must have the right sets of knowledge regarding buying SEO services from the internet.

It is also very important for the small businesses to determine the budget and how much they are willing to invest in SEO services. Well, this article is designed to give you some basic tips and the things you need to about buying SEO services in 2016.

Payment models for SEO and their costs

Different SEO agencies use different payment models. There are four main forms of services and payment offered by the agencies.

  • First comes the monthly retainer model Here, the client, has to pay a fixed fee per month to the agency in exchange for an agreed-upon array of services. It is one of the most common payment models. There are several things the monthly retainer arrangements will include. These are analytics report, on-site content improvements, press releases, keyword research, link building, and optimization. It will cost from $750 to $5000 per month, depending on the size of the client’s business and the kind of service provided by the agency.
  • Secondly, contract services at fixed price. These are the services that an SEO agency offers which are advertised on their site at a fixed amount of price. Mostly, all the SEO agencies offer contract services. A general contract service will include SEO copywriting ($0.15-$0.50/word), site content audit ($500-$7,500), link profile audit ($500-$7,500), and social media site setup ($500- $3000).
  • Thirdly, the project based pricing. Project fees and contract fees are similar except for the fact that they are custom projects created particularly for a client. Due to a variety of projects, there is a wide range of prices. For the most of the projects, it will cost from $1,000 to $30,000.
  • Fourth of all, hourly consulting in which an hourly fee in exchange for SEO services or information. For this kind of services, agencies mostly charge around $100 to $300 per hour.
  • Things to keep in mind

  • SEO requires time and patience, and it can take up to few months to produce results. Best SEO results come from a long-term relationship, so it is best to invest in the monthly retainer.
  • Not only you should invest in off page optimization but also in on-page too.
  • Know that a good SEO agency will provide you with a strong plan for SEO for your business which should include keyword research, link strategy, content strategy, etc. They will use ethical SEO tactics and provide you with information and reports throughout their SEO processes.
  • SEO is very important so don’t ignore it.
  • You should always be suspicious whether an SEO agency is offering guarantees or not as they can't provide guarantees due to the constant change of industries’ nature.
  • Conclusion

    It is fair to say that SEO is one of the most crucial parts for a small business to succeed. As stated before not all businesses want to spend time doing it. However, as long you can choose a quality SEO agency, their actions and decisions will help your business to excel and succeed not only in 2016 but also in the coming years.