Building Citations with Authority 2016


The mention of your business name, address, and phone number on other web pages is defined as citations. It is the mention of your business out on the web even if there is no link to your website. For example, your business can be listed in online yellow pages directory but not linked to. Citations are one of the most important elements used by Google algorithm. Google algorithm uses it to understand the level of Local SEO Authority for a certain URL. Sometimes only the phone number by itself works as a citation.

You can immensely benefit from building citation if you are a business that serves in a given city or town in which you are physically located. Moreover, business or companies that have built a great number of citations will probably rank higher than business or companies with fewer citations.

With some well optimized locally relevant listings, it is possible to for your site to be included in Google’s coveted “map pack” listings, which show at the top of the results page for many local searches.

Like stated before, the citation is the mention of your business out on other web pages, with or without the link to your website. Here the following things that citation may include:

  • Business name, by itself
  • Business name and phone number
  • Business name, phone number, and address
  • Company name, phone number, address, and link
  • etc.

Just to remember that a complete citation should include the business name, address, and phone number. Sometimes when the citation does not include all of these is called to as a partial citation.

One of the key factors in a local search engine is citations. For improving your ranking in the search engines, it is recommended to build citations on sources with a high local authority on the kind of business or industry you are targeting. Citations on sources with a high local authority or from well established and successfully indexed portals will help to increase the level of certainty the search engines have about your companies’ contact information. Always consider the fact that citations from high local authority sources can improve your business’s local search engine ranking.

  • Structured Citations

It is one of the most common citations that are found on business listing websites like,,, etc. These are known as structured citations.

  • Unstructured Citations

The kind of citations that are found on blogs, newspapers websites, event listing websites, job websites, government websites, etc. These citations are known as unstructured citations. They are immensely beneficial for local rankings.

But, not all citations that are built are worth it or bring values to your business. For instance, a mention of your companies’ name, address, and phone number on is much more beneficial than mentioning your business’ name on some other spammy web directory that was only created for low-quality link building.

Building citation with authority is one of the best strategies that a local business can follow for its success in the local search engines. It is one of the most important parts of local SEO that local businesses should always consider.

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